Family Law

Going through the process of a divorce has been deemed by psychologists as the second most stressful life event. At the Law Office of Kristen M. Buzzelli, LLC, we strive to help our clients through this emotional upheaval with compassion and understanding. We guide you through complex custody, asset and debt distribution, and making other challenging decisions.

Child custody is often the most contentious area of disagreement. Both parents may want sole custody of the children. One parent may claim the other is unfit to have custody, or at least unfit to have sole or joint custody.

Family Law

When faced with contentious child custody issues, the court will hold a hearing and hear all evidence from both parties. Testimony from parents, teachers, relatives and friends may be relevant. The court may talk to the children who are old enough in chambers to hear their views.

In preparation for the hearing, we gather all relevant evidence and zealously present your case to the court. The court makes its decision on what it considers to be the best interest of the children, and our job is to convince the court that their best interest is served by giving you custody.

If you need help with your divorce and you are embroiled in, or expect to be involved in a contested battle for custody of your children, contact us at the Law Office of Kristen M. Buzzelli, LLC. We are Based in Lee’s Summit, MO, and serve all those in neighboring counties in both Missouri and Kansas.