At the Law Office of Kristen M. Buzzelli, LLC, we try to alleviate the stress of divorce by encouraging our clients to participate in mediation. Mediation is a confidential process whereby the parties meet with a neutral person and they work toward resolving their issues between themselves.

This means putting together a plan where the parties agree to distribution of assets and liabilities. They decide which one of them gets to stay in the family home and whether one of them will receive financial support from the other one. Most importantly, they can put together a mutually agreed upon parenting plan and submit it to the court for approval.


Courts find that the parties are generally more satisfied, and more likely to comply with court orders, when they have resolved the issues on their own.

Some things you should know about mediation:

  • It is confidential. With few exceptions, the mediator cannot be subpoenaed to court for testimony.
  • The mediator does not give legal advice, but only directs the discussion so that the issues in controversy are identified and guides the parties to a discussion so they can come up with their own we un
  • The attorneys may or may not be present, depending on the wishes of the parties.
  • It generally saves money because there are fewer court appearances.

Our office offers mediation in both Kansas and Missouri.  For more information about our mediation services, contact us at the Law Office of Kristen M. Buzzelli, LLC. Our office is in Lee’s Summit, MO, and we serve several neighboring counties in both Missouri and Kansas.