Unbundled Services

At the Law Office of Kristen M. Buzzelli, LLC, we understand the stress involved with going through the divorce process. That stress is often compounded by high legal fees. You may even think you have to do it all by yourself since you believe you are unable to pay for an attorney.

We want to make legal services accessible. Therefore, we offer unbundled services. This means that instead of paying one large retainer fee that is expected to cover comprehensive legal services, you can retain us only to act on your behalf for a specific and limited individual services.

Unbundled Services

You will be representing yourself, and doing a substantial amount of the work yourself, but we will assist you on individual issues, as you need us to, for an hourly fee. Some individual services for which you may need our help are:

  • Drafting your divorce petition.
  • Preparing your parenting agreement.
  • Review a settlement proposal from your spouse or the spouse’s attorney.
  • Prepare your request for child support.
  • Prepare your defense to a request for child support.
  • Work with you so you are prepared to act on your own behalf at your court hearing.

For more information about unbundled services, contact us at the Law Office of Kristen M. Buzzelli. Our office is based in Lee’s Summit, MO, and we serve the surrounding counties in both Kansas & Missouri.